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Virtual fundraiser Elevate 'N Empower on September 21st, 2023.

The Elevate 'N Empower Fundraiser held on Sept 21st was very successful in bringing together fitness industry leaders, professionals, and community stakeholders.

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2023 Fundraiser_1 Virtual fundraiser Elevate 'N Empower on September 21st, 2023
Flex for Access' continues its work to fundraise and engage with fitness and sport industry leaders and the community to amplify opportunity for adaptive fitness and sport, educate and change lives.

Gala fundraiser for Flex for Access, on Wednesday November 16th, 2022.

The 3rd Annual LiftUP Gala Fundraiser in support of Flex for Access was held on Wednesday November 16, 2022 at the W Event Boutique. The event was a tremendous success, thanks to our partners, collaborators, sponsors and growing community of supporters and program recipients. We appreciate everyone whom we work with, and look forward to more exciting events and initiatives.

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2022 Fundraiser_1 Maurizio, Jason, Jess and her Mom at LiftUP 2022
2022 Fundraiser_2 ParaSport, Resolution Fitness, Jess Lewis at LiftUP 2022
2022 Fundraiser_3 Jess and Dan at LiftUP 2022
2022 Fundraiser_4 Jess and Marin at LiftUP 2022
2022 Fundraiser_5 Impact poster 2022
2022 Fundraiser_6 Group photo of attendees at LiftUP 2022

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Bust-a-Flex Fundraiser Recap of Wednesday November 14th 2018

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Bust Fundraiser_1 Jess Silver, Executive Director of Flex for Access with Paralympian and speaker Jessica Lewis at the Bust a Flex Fundraiser
Bust Fundraiser_2 Koach Kore Sam of Koach Kore Fitness and the Amazing Race Canada, and Sponsor and Friend Maurizio Belmonte of MBDCi Designs Inc. with Jess Silver
Bust Fundraiser_3 Jess and Paul and Darryl of SportBall GTA
Bust Fundraiser_4 Jess, Lauren and trainer, Dan Cecchino
Bust Fundraiser_5 Jess and team Neurochangers
Bust Fundraiser_6 Jess and the girls of FitGirls Vaughan

Flex for Access Inc. is pleased to announce partnerships and collaborations with ParaSport Ontario, AbilityOnline, Neurochangers and FitGirls and many other gyms and studios and we are excited and invested in the growth of fitness and sport!

Thank you to everyone that attended the Flex 'N Mingle Fundraiser on November 9th, in support of Flex for Access Inc. and helped make it a success!

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N Mingle Fundraiser_1 N Mingle Fundraiser_2 N Mingle Fundraiser_3 N Mingle Fundraiser_4

Be sure to check out Flex for Access in the December Edition of the SnapD Vaughan Newspaper locally soon.

Watch Jess Silver on the Global News Breaking Barriers segment
Angie Seth:

Flex for Access Inc. creates avenues for strength and advocacy in the community, stay connected with us #FlexforAccess on Social Media and don't miss out on our latest appearances in the community.

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Life’s Lava: Quotes Values and Reflections That Light Our Souls and Colour Our Days with Reason

Jess is available for book engagements and appearances on Social Media and TV and Radio and can be contacted for details at

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Jess' memoir: Run: An Uncharted Direction

About the Author: Jess Silver lives in Toronto, Canada. She is a Communications professional and published author, with a multifaceted journalism and medical writing and editing background. She speaks five languages and has a passion for educating others on health, fitness and wellness and loves travelling. Silver believes that possibility is discovered through running towards that which is novel and challenging. She is most proud of her vast network of colleagues, collaborators, friends and her ability to embrace the unknown. She hopes her story empowers others near and worlds apart.

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