Advocacy. Awareness. Empowerment.

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Flex for Access Inc. was founded in May 2015 by Jess Silver, writer, fitness enthusiast and advocate.

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Jess Silver

Jess' memoir: Run: An Uncharted Direction

About the Author: Jess Silver lives in Toronto, Canada. She is a Communications professional and published author, with a multifaceted journalism and medical writing and editing background. She speaks five languages and has a passion for educating others on health, fitness and wellness and loves travelling. Silver believes that possibility is discovered through running towards that which is novel and challenging. She is most proud of her vast network of colleagues, collaborators, friends and her ability to embrace the unknown. She hopes her story empowers others near and worlds apart.

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Flex for Access Inc. is pleased to announce partnerships and collaborations with ParaSport Ontario, AbilityOnline, Neurochangers and FitGirls and many other gyms and studios and we are excited and invested in the growth of fitness and sport!

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Advocacy. Awareness. Empowerment.

The Story of Flex for Access Inc.

Flex for Access was founded in May 2015 as a Social Media Awareness Campaign, by Jess Silver, writer, fitness enthusiast and advocate. It is now a Non-Profit Organization for Cerebral Palsy awareness, and other disabilities and fitness and sport promotion.

Flex for Access’ vision is to help societal perception of disability evolve, and to allow all individuals regardless of limitations, fitness level and interest, the ability to be engaged in exercise and sport.

Jess’ goal was to allow people from different parts of the City of Toronto, and the world to join the conversation in understanding what Cerebral Palsy (CP) is, and how spasticity, which is tightness of the muscles, affects individuals with CP which is where the organization retains the name Flex for Access Inc., from.

For Jess sport and fitness occupy a very important role in her life and she wanted other people that have physical challenges and injuries to be given the opportunity to engage in training at the gym, which is what Flex for Access Inc. does. The organization acts as a pathway to allow individuals with physical challenges and injuries to engage in training sessions, yoga and boxing classes and other sport programs by facilitating the sessions and classes through the funds raised, and also raising funds for simple adaptive exercise equipment, like resistance bands for example which are needed for working out.