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Currently Flex for Access Inc. works with local gyms, yoga studios and individuals of ranging fitness levels and professional backgrounds, who have shown their support by raising awareness on Social Media and through generous donations to support the organization.

Anyone is encouraged to participate to showcase the importance of accessibility and fitness for all. It is not to be misunderstood that those who have limitations in their mobility are to be limited to a specific gym or training and/ or rehabilitation facility that is capable of addressing only their specific needs; but more importantly, everyone should be able to access the same recreation, and the same equipment, which encourages participation in your city’s physical activity and athletic performance.

How Does One Get Involved?

Be a part of Flex for Access on Social Media, by taking pictures flexing your bicep, working out at the gym, training, playing a sport, doing yoga or being active in the community and hashtag #FlexforAccess posting it on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Make a donation of your choice in support of Flex for Access Inc. online through PayPal.

*Donations are not tax deductible (But a receipt will be issued for the donation), they support Flex for Access Inc. and create avenues for everyone in the community to be physically fit and active; bringing adaptive exercise equipment, classes and programs to participating gyms and studios, and raising awareness in the city.